I'm a writer


I'm an eternal optimist with my head in the clouds and my feet to the coals. I've spent my life paving my own path, learning along the way how to transform passion into action with measurable societal impact and countless meaningful relationships.

I consider myself well-rounded. My career as an entrepreneur in the web industry has given me a strong background in technology, online marketing, and design. I've built communities, taught courses, won photography awards, and traveled the world.

I'm driven, stubborn, and a little bit of an asshole.

I've been through some shit. Some would say between losing my home to the Tubbs fire that recently ravaged Santa Rosa and giving birth to a baby with a congenital heart defect, I've had some really crappy luck.

I say, bring it on. All of it's just fuel for my craft. Every ounce of trauma I have been through has blessed me with a lens that allows me to connect with others who also need to dig down deep to find their inner strength.


Nothing Left But Dust
Young Adult Historical Fiction

Nothing Left But Dust is a survival / coming of age novel set against a backdrop of the 1906 earthquake and fires. Jo is a stubborn sixteen-year-old Italian girl from the slums of San Francisco afraid to move forward after her father's gruesome suicide. Otto is a world apart, coming from a wealthy and respectable German family who is running away from the city and the pressure of taking over the family business. When the earthquake hits, it hurls them together and challenges them to continually choose survival over surrender.

Think Outrun The Moon with a lot more fire, suspense, a bad guy, and a dash of romance.

Blood And The Crown
Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

When a young man discovers he belongs to one of four royal families eligible to be elected into power, he sets out to make the world a better place. In this contemporary fantasy, a prophecy speaks of a King that would rise out of darkness to bring peace to the realms, but Oren's selfless ambition transforms into unbridled narcissism. Could he be the leader that everyone needs him to be, or are there more dark days ahead for the Kingdom of Adilai?