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Nothing Left But Dust
Young Adult Historical Fiction

Nothing Left But Dust is a survival / coming-of-age novel set against a backdrop of the 1906 earthquake and fires in San Francisco. Jo is a stubborn sixteen-year-old Italian girl from the slums who discovers that her father's death was not an accident but a gruesome suicide. Otto is a world apart, coming from a wealthy and respectable German family who gets kidnapped when attempting to leave the city and the pressures of taking over the family business. When the earthquake hits, it hurls them together and challenges them to continually choose survival over surrender.

Think Outrun The Moon with a lot more fire, suspense, a bad guy, and a dash of romance.



Manuscripts in progress

After the Wildfire

When Melissa loses everything in a fire, it would be the first in a series of traumas that would threaten to overpower her life and plunge her into an unrelenting depression. Becoming a mother to a child with a congenital heart defect, trying to keep her failing marriage alive, all while rebuilding her home and her life. She struggles to rip herself out of survival mode and learn how to be happy again. But in order to do that, she first has to understand, accept, and love her new self.

Quantum Butterfly Project

When Casey receives a mysterious email claiming to be sent from the future, her life is in utter chaos. Even if it's legit, and she is being recruited as a temporal agent to influence historical events and prevent humanity from plunging into eternal darkness, why her? She can't even hold down a job, maintain friendships, or remember to eat lunch—how will she fit into an underground league of highly skilled and specialized missionaries?

Blood And The Crown
Young Adult Speculative Fiction

When a girl from a wartorn land discovers she belongs to two of three royal families eligible to be elected into power, she sets out to make life in the Third Realm a better place. In this speculative fiction, a prophecy speaks of a Prime Monarch that would rise out of darkness to bring peace to the realms, but Emoni's pure intentions are challenged by others' greed and narcissism, putting the fate of the entire Kingdom of Feloria at risk. Could she be the leader that everyone needs her to be, or are there darker days ahead?