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Nothing Left But Dust
Young Adult Historical Fiction

Nothing Left But Dust is a powerful tale of love, loss, and hope set against the backdrop of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. 

Follow Jo, a young woman struggling to heal after her Papa's death, as she tries to break free of her uncle's indentured servitude and secure an apprenticeship at a map-making shop. 

And Otto, a privileged young man with dreams of running away to become an artist, as he battles to escape the clutches of a ruthless crimp who means to have him Shanghaied. 

When the city is struck by the devastating earthquake on the morning of April 18th, their lives are forever changed. While it sets Otto free, it takes everything Jo holds dear and unearths a dark family secret. 

As they traverse the burning ruins of the city in search of answers, Jo and Otto must find the strength to survive and the courage to confront their families, all while navigating the unfamiliar landscape of falling in love.

Nothing Left But Dust is a must-read for fans of Young Adult Historical Fiction. It's an edge-of-your-seat coming-of-age survival story that will leave you inspired by the strength and resilience of the human spirit.


Short stories

Three Seconds;
Short story

Category Winner, San Francisco Writers Conference 2022 Writing Contest Anthology

"...somewhere they said you have just three seconds to jump. If you don’t do it within that time, either you’ll chicken out, or someone will stop you. I don’t think anything can change that much in three seconds."